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Travel has been my career since studying Travel & Tourism at college.  I have now been in the industry for nearly 20 years; having worked here at Courtney World Travel since 2001.

We are privileged to be a completely independent, family owned concern, offering unrivalled service and experience through an array of fantastic tour operators…

Dealing with our clients and making their dreams become a reality really is the best.  We offer such a personalised experience and anything is possible.

I love to share my knowledge with my clients, and take feedback from their experiences so that I can learn more about a destination.

We are now looking for more ‘experiences’ on our travels, and it is a pleasure to recommend things like cooking classes, wine tasting, truffle hunting, archaeological tours, cultural and enriching experiences.

Favourite Drink: Gin & Tonic – an understated classic but so refreshing! Must have lots of ice!

Destinations Visited:

France; Paris, Disneyland Paris & Normandy, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands (Menorca is one of my favourites!),  Greek Islands, Venice, Cuba, Turks & Caicos (the softest sand imaginable!), Mauritius, South Africa including Safari, lots in the UK – especially the South West and Wales (with my young family)

Bucket List:

Fly drive of the West Coast USA; starting south of LA and driving the Pacific coast towards San Francisco and Napa Valley; enjoying the stunning scenery, great food and wine along the way!

I would also love to experience a tour of Jordan and the eighth wonder of the world; spectacular Petra. 

Travel Tip: Leave room for spontaneity on your journeys – those unplanned moments can make the best memories when you are travelling!

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